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Tundra Towing a Forest River Tracer Travel Trailer

We just returned from our 3 month vacation towing our new travel trailer from Florida to Northern Califorinia, over 9700 miles, and back safely. Having Tattle-Trail onboard provided us with the comfort and knowledge that should anything start to go wrong in the trailer we would be notified immediately and be able to react before turning into a major incident. Throughout the trip Tattle-Trail worked flawlessly.

Thank You Tattle-Trail 

Kent & Nancy Irving




Protecting “Precious Cargo”


Cournney Hydro     Courtney Horses

Hello Tattle-Trail,

We want you to know how pleased we are with your towing monitor system! We use it mostly on our three-horse trailer, but we also transfer it to our race boat trailer. We love the peace of mind we have when we’re traveling with our “precious cargo” and we can’t imagine hauling the boat or the horses without it.

Our Tattle-Trail was well worth the investment and we strongly recommend it to anyone traveling and towing.

Best Regards –

Glenn and Eileen Koutny

Windy Hill Farms and Magic Racing



Destroyed in minutes!


 Richner Blowout 1      

We purchased your product after we experienced two massive blow outs on our tow vehicle while on vacation last fall.
While we do have a rear view camera in our 40 ft. motorhome, we were unable to see the tires on our Jeep. Because
we have 'a diesel engine, we did not experience any difference in the towing capabilities of the motorhome. The first
indication of a problem was when the VIP Tow Brake plug pulled out of the socket on the Jeep after the second tire blew
and the front of our Jeep hit the ground. We had apparently towed the Jeep for several miles after the first blow out and
before the second front tire blew. As a result, the first wheel was worn down to the hub, and took off the rotor and the
calipers on the passenger side. When the other tire blew, it let the Jeep hit the ground, and broke the differential. The
insurance company totaled our vehicle.

After this incident, we decided that we needed further protection for our new towing vehicle. We explored several options,
such as a tire pressure monitor or a tire pressure and temperature monitor. We decided to purchase the Tattle-Trail
because it monitors so many other crucial things like vibration and side movement.

We have used the Tattle-Trail on two major trips, and have been very satisfied with the convenience of your product
and our peace of mind while traveling.

We have recommended Tattle-Trail to our fellow R.V. users. We thank you for such an outstanding product.

Larry and Nancy Richner
Boulder City, NV



Pleasant reminder

                                   Failor Trailer         

Earlier this spring, we were preparing to make a trip from Florida to the house we’re building in Tennessee hauling
two couches, an easy chair, a 42” LCD TV and our new bathroom cabinet counter top, all in the shortened bed of
a Dodge Ram Quad Cab while towing a 19’ center console boat. It took me a week to nest the couches together
and strategically position the big easy chair in order to get everything to fit in, or as some would say, “on top of”
the 6’6” bed of the truck. When I got it all together and covered with tarps, I realized I couldn’t see the boat I was
supposed to be towing! A friend suggested I install a towing monitor system (TTK550) from Tattle-Trail LLC that
would alert me if the boat and trailer were to develop a problem along the trip.

Initially I was concerned that I would have to take everything apart in order to “wire up” the device but found that the
system was effortless to install because of its wireless design. I actually installed the transmitter component inside the
boat where I could hook it up directly to the battery. It worked great and was very easy to set up. Fortunately we had no
unexpected events and the trip went off without a hitch. However, I became acutely aware that the monitoring system
kept reminding me that I was towing a trailer by alerting each time I would allow the right rear trailer tires to drift off of
the pavement and bounce along the ragged edge of the highway. I never realized how much punishment that right rear tire
endures as compared to the left rear that seldom sees any other environment that the smooth surface of our interstate
This whole trip could have turned out very differently had the trailer tire failed causing me to attempt emergency recovery
procedures in a severely overloaded truck. As I got more comfortable with the towing system telling me that the trailer
I couldn’t see was tracking and rolling well, I realized that it could actually alert me to a problem that might be developing
long before it became catastrophic.

Thank you Tattle Trail. You’ve got a great system and the peace of mind it gives someone towing a trailer
places it in the category of “don’t leave home without it”.

Jim & Bette Failor

Clearwater, FL



Tattle Trail saved the boat !


                                                    Jim Tire

On a recent trip returning from a boat race in Hillsbourgh, Ohio, we were traveling south on I-65. As always, Tattle-Trail
was vigilantly watching over the boat trailer. Near Louisville, a dip in the road sent our 40 foot motorhome sailing.
Boom!!!!!!!!! It landed hard and I was surprised that we didn’t blow all the tires. I am sure the boat trailer went
for the same “e-ticket” ride. Well about 30 miles down the road, Tattle-Trail started alarming! We pulled over on the
side of the busy interstate and sure enough, the curb side trailer tire was starting to throw its tread. Without a
Tattle-Trail system in place, we would have continued driving on the tire until it finally blew apart. Since the tire was
still inflated, it made the job of getting the spare out from under the boat much easier. In less than fifteen minutes,
we were back on the road with no damage to the boat, trailer fender or tire rim.

Oh, did I forget to mention we won the race too!

Jim Aid
InCahoot's Again, A-33


Tattle-Trail saved my Seadoo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Recently I drove to Alabama, towing my Seadoo Personal Watercraft trailer behind my SUV. Before the trip, I installed
a towing monitor system (TTK550) from Tattle-Trail LLC.

About half way into my trip, my Tattle-Trail alarm went off. I was driving approximately 65 mph at the time, and did not
feel any ‘tugging’ on the SUV. I think I drove at least a mile, but the Tattle-Trail alarm persisted. As I slowed down,
to pull off the highway to check my Tattle-Trail (so I thought), the alarm still did not turn off. After pulling off the highway,
I checked the trailer and sure enough, I had a flat trailer tire!!!!!....I was surprised, since I had not felt any ‘pull’ on my
steering. This device actually works and probably saved me from any damage to the tire rim, Seadoo and trailer….not
to mention preventing a possible highway incident. I think it started alarming when the tire started deflating and didn’t
quit alarming. I never found out why I got a flat, but there was a big gash on the side of the tire.

This is a perfect product for monitoring a trailer that you are towing, especially something as light as a Seadoo, since
it is significantly lighter than my SUV and the driver does not necessarily have any inkling that something is wrong
back there.

Now…anytime I'm towing my Seadoo…..I won't trailer without my Tattle-Trail.

Palm Harbor, FL


RE: Tattle-Trail Evaluation by Barry L.


After two months and traveling 1,600 miles, we are absolutely thrilled with our Tattle-Trail and now consider it a towing
necessity. It resolves a long-standing problem of not knowing if our tow car is in trouble. Sure, we can see the car
with the rear camera but after a while we don’t check the camera very often, just because we don’t. Now occasional
Tattle-Trail alarm beeps on rough patches of road get our attention for a moment and we are reassured the car is still
behind us and is OK. It also resolved the problem of someone messing with our Jeep when it is connected to our
motorhome or disconnected and parked nearby.

Some incidents come to mind where the Tattle-Trail would have helped us a lot. One was in Yosemite National Park
when bears were breaking into cars most every night. Another was learning of neighbors who just totaled their Jeep
Grand Cherokee (same model and tow hitch as ours) when their base plate broke. Someone stopped them to tell them
they were dragging only the front bumper with no vehicle. We saw the pictures … NOT GOOD! (See? They weren’t
checking their camera either.) Another time thieves removed the tail gate of a pickup truck parked right next to us. It
wasn’t the first time this happened in that park. Heck, you could probably unobtrusively hang Tattle-Trail on bicycles
and golf carts that are frequent targets of thieves.

Our Tattle-Trail is always set on "Park" when we are not traveling, day and night, car connected to the tow bar, or
disconnected. If anyone messes with our car, we will know about it. Great peace of mind. When parked for a while, we
keep the receiver (powered by the optional 120 volt to 12 volt adapter) in our motorhome bedroom to better hear the alarm.
Can't tell you how much we like this security. If the alarm goes off, we immediately hit our master switch to turn on all our
outside lights, then investigate.

As to product evaluation comments, the Tattle Trail works just like you said it would with no unpleasant surprises.
There are many other uses for this product besides towing a car safely. Surely any trailer can use it. For us, knowing
no one is messing with our car when we are parked in unfamiliar places is a BIG added benefit. Both transmitter and
receiver are well designed and constructed. I like that both units use the same case size and share a bottom vented
piece. Transmitter LED label says "linked" but it seems to be a "power on" indicator. Owners Manual indicates Transmitter
knows if its signal has been recieved. Glad to learn that both units are constantly communicating with each other.
First impression is how an item is shipped. Tattle-Trail makes a very good first impression with its first class packaging.
Plastic/cut-foam carrying case is a good way to ship both parts and cables and makes a very polished presentation.
It must add to cost, especially since case is made in Germany, but is worth it. We purchased an expensive Escort
radar detector that came in a similar fancy case. We will never need the case again but I could see that in some applications,
like a boat trailer, the components may need to be stored and the case is great for that. When towing, our transmitter is
suctioned to the center of windshield. But when disconnected, we want the transmitter powered “on” all the time to take
advantageof added security when the Jeep is parked near our motorhome.

The “Park” alarm volume can be too low to always wake us up when receiver is on the front dash. We now move receiver
to bedroom at night and leave it in the bedroom when we are parked in a campground for a while. I like the Receiver
Alarm Codes and Troubleshooting Guide listed in the Operators Manual. The matrix gives me a view into the program logic.
This is quite a sophisticated electronic device.

To help you fill in the blanks on your Product Evaluation Survey:
We flat tow a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee behind our 36’ Foretravel diesel pusher living full-time in our motorhome which
weighs 30,000 lbs and Jeep weighs 4,300. We have never had a towing problem and we do own a 10-wheel Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) system. Operator Manual is clear and easy to read. List of package contents in Operator Manual could be helpful. Tattle-Trail installation could not have been easier. Heard about Tattle-Trail from an RV friend.

Last but not least, you have been an honest and reliable company to deal with. Tattle-Trail is an excellent product. I can
already see your booth at the next FMCA convention. Or at the NASCAR races. Or at the motorcycle gatherings.
Or at horse events. Or wherever else there are trailers. And we are glad to give it our personal endorsement. We’re
telling our friends and RV contacts about it. Tattle-Trail is a winner!

Barry & Cynthia L.
Livingston, TX



Problem solved!


I have always been extremely concerned about tire and suspension failures when towing. My new Tattle-Trail
gives me peace of mind and additionally it has been a great diagnostic tool to inform me of vibration problems in my 33 ft .
Sunnybrook 5th wheel. I purchased a Tattle-Trail TTK 550 system to monitor and evaluate the 5th wheel. I was immediately
impressed with how simple the system is to use and how sensitive it is to vibration. I had to run the dial at a relatively low
sensitivity setting of 3:30 in order to silence the alarms. On a recent trip, I found a couple of cabinet doors had fallen off
their hinges. Further investigation revealed loose hardware on several other doors.

I called the Tattle-Trail factory and they informed me that getting alarms at a sensitivity setting of 3:30 represented
significant vibration in the 5th wheel. I set out to determine the source. By positioning the Tattle-Trail system fore and aft,
as well as left and right, I was able to determine that the right rear had the highest level of vibration. Upon closer inspection,
it was apparent that the belt on the right rear tire was starting to delaminate. I probably would not have caught this problem
if I hadn’t bought Tattle-Trail. I replaced the tire and now tow at about a 1:30 sensitivity setting, feeling confident that I will be
notified by Tattle-Trail if any other problems occur.

We now consider Tattle-Trail an integral part of our towing package!

John L.
Virginia Beach , VA



Peace of mind

I recently purchased a Tattle-Trail towing monitor to use during multiple trips totaling approximately 1,000 miles.
I pull a Buick Enclave behind my 45 ft. Newell motor coach. Both my brother and I have used tire pressure monitors
in the past but have found them unreliable. On one previous trip, I had a flat tire but didn't know it because the tire
pressure monitor had malifunctioned.

I used my Tattle-Trail on each of my recent trips and found it really gave me "peace of mind". It was very easy
to install and I always knew it was working!! I really liked the adjustible sensitivity feature and also found the 120
VAC power adaptor accessory very useful. I'm very satisfied with my Tattle-Trail purchase!

Jerry G.
Lansing, Michigan



Saved the rig!


                       Wally Trailer

I tow a 44 ft. 5th wheel Pace race car trailer (with living quarters up front) behind my Chevrolet 2500 Dually truck. Since the rig is so long, I purchased a TATTLE-TRAIL to monitor for abnormalities while traveling.

On a recent trip home from a race in Savannah, my Tattle-Trail may have saved my life and most certainly saved me from significant property damage. After racing all day, I loaded up and proceeded home on I-95. It was late and I was traveling alone.The first thing I remember was the Tattle-Trail going off! Apparently I had started to fall a sleep and the whole rig was drifting off the road. When the wheels of the trailer ran over the rumble strips on the easement, the Tattle-Trail unit immediately sounded off. I awoke startled, having only left my lane by no more than a foot. If I had not had a Tattle-Trail system, I certainly may have had more than my damaged pride to address.

I would recommend Tattle-Trail to anyone who tows something behind your truck! Thanks to the Tattle-Trail team for inventing a great simple to use product. Whenever I tow, the Tattle-Trail is on!

Special Addition Racing - Largo, FL



   Safe storage

Judy A

I am a retired boat racer and current American Power Boat Association technical inspector for inboard hydroplane races. My wife and I travel to the race sites in a 40’ Excursion motorhome and pull a 1995 Saturn. Not only does the Saturn serve as our source of transportation while at the races, but the trunk also serves as my workshop. We park in the pits and in the past I would often awake at night wondering if all my expensive inspection tools were safe in the Saturn trunk. Since I got the Tattle-Trail unit, I don’t worry knowing that even a very slight movement of the Saturn will sound the “Park” mode alarm.

I bought the Tattle-Trail unit to mostly monitor for flat tires, but was surprised by the usefulness of other additional features. On one extended tow, the Tattle-Trail battery monitor told us that we needed to charge up the toad, so we didn’t arrive at our destination with a dead battery.

This is a great product and very simple to use! I would recommend it to anyone with a toad.

Jim A.
APBA inspector, St. Pete, FL

Just an update note to let you know how much we depend on our Tattle-Trail system.

While on a recent trip, I had my husband stop for a ham and biscuits breakfast. (Southern girls do get cravings!) We had to park on the edge of the road, since there wasn’t room for us to turn around in the parking lot. Well after breakfast, as we were pulling back onto the road to continue our journey and the right rear motorhome tire fell into a huge pothole. It darn near swallowed us up! The coach leaned way over and the left rear tires were hanging off the ground. I took our dog Casey and ran out the door thinking the whole rig was going to tip over! The tow bars to our Saturn were twisted as tight as Aunt Nellie’s corset and nothing would budge! Fortunately, the Good Sam wrecker was able to get us out of the pothole and back on the road in no time. However, we were keeping a close eye on the Saturn since the tow bar linkage had been put in such a bind. Well wouldn’t you know, not more than twenty minutes down the road the rear view camera went on the blink. It was at this point that we had and even greater appreciation for Tattle-Trail. Even though we couldn’t see our car in either the camera or side view mirrors, we knew that everything was OK because Tattle-Trail was watching over our Saturn. We have arrived home safely and just wanted to drop you a note to tell you again what a great product you have developed!

Judy A.

St. Pete, FL



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