Tattle-Trail's line of towing monitoring system and accessories.

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Tattle-Trail Tow Monitoring Products & Accessories


Tattle-Trail TTK 550

Tattle-Trail TTK 550 is a portable wireless towing monitor system that checks for excess vibration in towed vehicles. It is designed to be used in all towing vehicles including bus conversions, Class A, B, or C motorhomes, trucks and cars.


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TTA 100 - Hard Wired Receiver Power Cord

When permanently mounting the Tattle-Trail receiver to a towing vehicle dashboard, use this power cord as an alternate power source for the receiver.


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TTA 120 - 120VAC to 12VDC Female Power Adapter

Utilize this power adapter to provide 12DVC power for either the Tattle-Trail transmitter or receiver. This is particularly useful, when a 120VAC receptacle is conveniently located near the desired operating location and no 12VDC powered receptacle is...


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TTA 110- 12VDC Female Panel Mount Receptacle

This panel mount 12 VDC female receptacle can be utilized to add a conveniently located power source for either the Tattle-Trail transmitter or receiver. Always install this receptacle (using standard automotive wiring practices) with insulated #18 gage s

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TTA 130 - 12VDC Male to Female 6-foot Extension Cord

When using the portable Tattle-Trail transmitter or receiver, if the standard Tattle-Trail power cord is not long enough to reach the OEM dash 12VDC receptacle, use this 6 foot extension cord to allow greater flexibility in mounting locations.


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TTA150 Replacement 12VDC Powercord

Replacement for lost or damaged powercord


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TTA 160 - Replacement Suction Cups

(3) Transmitter Suction Cups, mounting hardware


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