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While you are driving, and towing your horse trailers, motorcycle trailer, utility trailers, boat trailers or towing dolly, Tattle-Trail® gives you early warning for trailer sway, blown tires, tread separation, loose hitch or tow bar, bad wheel bearings, broken suspension, loose load, and low battery notification.

While you are parked, Tattle-Trail® monitors for motion caused by impact, theft or intrusion from up to 1,000 ft. away. Qualifies for 5% discount on your insurance! Tattle-Trail is available in both portable and permanent mount configurations and doesn’t require any calibration or additional wireless repeaters. Can’t cause valve stem leaks!

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Tattle-Trail Trailer & Towing Monitoring SystemTattle-Trail® is a wireless and portable towing monitor system designed to alert drivers to potential towing hazards.

This "Made in the USA"  product uses "state of the art" technology to continuously measure vibration on travel trailers and other vehicles towed behind a truck, RV or motor home.  Many think of tire presure monitors when they are concerned about monitoring their trailer or vehicle, but Tattle-Trail provides more security and has many more features.



Total Trailer Monitoring vs Tire Pressure Monitor

Any chassis vibration exceeding the user selected "normal" threshold will generate both audible and visual alarms. Once notified, the operator can take action to prevent further property damage (useful in alerting operator if a towed Jeep enters " Death Wobble").

Failures that may cause increased vibration are:Seadoo trailer tire failure detected by Tattle-Trail trailer monitoring system
  • Tire Tread Separation 
  • Flat Tires 
  • Loose Lug Nuts 
  • Broken Suspension Components 
  • Malfunction Of Hitch Assembly 
  • Runaway Of The Towed Unit 
  • Death Wobble
Simple to Install, Easy to Use

Tattle-Trail® is a total plug and play system. The only connection required for both the transmitter and the receiver is +12VDC power. The transmitter plugs into the 12VDC receptacle of the towed vehicle and the receiver plugs into the 12VDC receptacle of the pulling vehicle. The transmitter and receiver communicate the towed vehicle status using radio frequency (2.4Ghz) and require no additional wiring or calibration. Ever! The Tattle-Trail towing monitor system can be used in many different trailering applications.



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